Vedic Ashram

Important Information: All programs at Vedic Institute has been Cancelled for limited time. 
Call Management @ 647 294 2840
for more information. Sorry for Inconvenience.

Mission Statement
  • To offer guidance in practical Vedic techniques in Yoga and Meditation on a non-commercial basis, to sustain a life of wellness free from stress, depression, and other ills of modern fast paced highly materialist life.
  • To help people appreciate the spiritual dimension of human existence that leads to a serene, joyful everyday living
  • To establish a spiritual retreat where people can relax, rejuvenate  and immerse in spiritual atmosphere in a picturesque setting for days or weeks
Space Available for Camps or Events..       
 We have approximately 30,000 square feet Building and over 2.75 acre fenced green land on back available 
for any Event, Social gathering, Summer or special camps etc. Ashram can arrange facility for  large number of 
People to stay at night.

    We are a Charitable organization

For more info or suggestions please email

519-303-8462 (VIOC)